Why You Need an Accountabili-buddy

Being your own boss is tough sometimes. When I first launched my editorial business, I had to struggle with keeping a regular schedule and set goals for every week. I didn’t have a supervisor who could tell me what I needed to do every Monday morning, because that person was, well, me. I had to figure that out for myself. As a former graduate student who was used to performing under tight deadlines, with an advisor dictating what I should or should not be doing, living the complete opposite was hard to get used to.

Therefore, when my friend and fellow editor suggested that we email each other twice a week to keep each other accountable on our personal goals, everything changed.

Suddenly, I wasn’t alone anymore.


Here’s what we did: we agreed we would email each other on Monday morning with our goals for the week. Then we would check in again on Friday with our results. These goals would be firm but flexible. Meaning, if I planned to write two new blog posts during the week and only managed to write one, my accountabili-buddy would forgive me, but encourage me to finish the following week. The idea was that we would hold each other accountable, simply by being there and checking in twice a week, but we wouldn’t punish each other if one or both of us fell short.

And do you know what? I feel much more confident each week when I am tackling my personal goals just by having someone there.

Here’s how you can find your own accountabili-buddy:

1. Choose someone in a similar profession or industry

That way you’ll have someone who understands what you’re going through and you can share insider information with one another.

2. Set two check in dates: one to set goals, another to determine your progress

My buddy and I use Monday and Friday, but if you’re in an industry that requires flexible hours, by all means, check in Sunday morning versus Friday afternoon.

3. Keep your goals realistic

The temptation will be to set wildly ambitious goals Monday morning, only to realize that you have to go to your cousin’s rehearsal dinner Thursday and haven’t done laundry in a week. Keep it simple so you feel accomplished when you check in with your buddy the second time.

Good luck and happy writing! Keep in touch via Facebook or my Pinterest boards. I’d love to hear how your accountabili-buddying is going.