Hi, I'm Kellye, I'm an author and editor.

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Education and Experience

My educational and professional background is in academia. I graduated in 2015 with a joint Masters in Contemporary European Philosophy from Kingston University London and Université Paris 8, Vincennes-St. Denis. Before that, I received my Bachelors in Philosophy at University of Oregon. (Go Ducks!) My experiences abroad led me to pursue ESL editing, and in early 2016 I decided to start my own freelance business. Since then, I’ve worked with a range of clients from universities, to self-published authors, to private companies.

Previous and Current Clients


I work with marketing teams and brand experts to deliver, quality, consistent copy that speaks to your company’s values. As a professional storyteller, I understand the challenges and frustrations of getting to the heart of what you really want to say and communicating it to your target audience. Therefore, my process is simple: I consult with you what type(s) of copy you need and immerse myself in the language of your organization; we agree on a timeline and budget for the project; and I figure out the rest. Let me handle the wordsmithing for you.

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Copyediting and Proofreading

In terms of workflow, I typically use the Track Changes on Word for copyediting and conduct multiple “passes” of a manuscript, usually checking in with either the author or managing editor at various stages. Depending on the press or individual client’s needs, I will prepare a separate style sheet in addition to whatever style guide is used in addition to house style. I offer “complete” edits (multiple passes as well as cleanup after answering author queries) as well as initial edits, depending on timeline and budget. I am also familiar with ScML scribe tagging and manual typecoding.

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Why Hire a Copyeditor?

A copyeditor can be indispensable when it comes to polishing your writing because they are trained to detect the smallest mistakes and inconsistences, including some that may easily fly under your radar. For instance, using one word or two when spelling a compound word or how to properly use a semicolon. Because the rules of written English are fluid and subject to change, a copyeditor can help you navigate standardized rules of grammar and syntax or inclusive language in real time. Additionally, copyediting is a solid investment for professional looking prose at any stage of the submission process.

What's the Difference Between Copyediting and Proofreading?

Not to be confused with developmental editing (which involves rewriting and/or brainstorming various aspects of a partial or existing manuscript), copyediting deals with mechanics, grammar, and style. A copyeditor will clarify structure and tone, check for inconsistencies at various points of the text, and keep track of spelling and punctuation. Proofreading, since it usually concerns page “proofs,” as in typeset pages, is only concerned with mechanical errors, though the terms are often used interchangeably outside of publishing.

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I write about literary horror, both in print and online. My short fiction has been published in Nailed, Deep Overstock, and Folded Word, as well as numerous film publications, including Sublime Horror, Scream magazine, and Horror Homeroom. my short nonfiction was previously nominated for Bram Stoker Awards by the Horror Writers Association. I have also been published in Stephen King and Philosophy and the forthcoming book Body Count 6 ½: Case Studies in Horror-Comedy (Lehigh University Press).

I am currently represented by Stephanie Cabot at Susanna Lea Agency in New York City. Click here for more information.

Contact Information

Send me an email with a brief description and a short excerpt from your project. Once I get a sense of your work, I will reply within one to two business days with an estimate.

Generally I charge per industry standards, with quick turnaround. However, If you are a student or launching your business, I am flexible to work within a budget.

If you want me to “audition” my services by editing a larger portion of your work in order to be considered, please know that I expect to be compensated. Additionally, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.